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I Voted! Sugar Cookie
I Voted! Sugar Cookie
I Voted! Sugar Cookie

I Voted! Sugar Cookie

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Have you taken a step for your voice to be counted?  I created this cookie in response to wanting to help us all celebrate our choice to vote in such a critical time.  Throughout the US, we see laws changing rapidly and it is imperative that we use our voices to get the right people in the right positions at all levels of government.

If you send a picture of you dropping your absentee ballot in the mail or physically at your 2020 polling place, I will send you a coupon code to get this item for free!

Pictures may be submitted via the following methods:

- Direct message me on Facebook or Instagram

- email me at: info@evelyncooke.com

 Cookie Details:

This item is Gluten-Free!
Your purchase will serve as a pre-order.  All cookies will ship on June 24th.

Supplies are limited so be sure to get your cookie today!  Visit http://voting.nyc/ to learn more about requesting your NYC absentee ballot by June 16th and Voting before June 23rd!